GMS (Global Monetary Solution) is a community of equal members where everyone has the same opportunity to achieve financial independence, regardless of education, social status, skin color, beliefs, without risking their hard-earned capital.


Why community?

In today’s world gathering a group of people around the mutual project and goal is the most valuable asset that you might have. Having a community and belonging to one is something that has incredible value for each individual. A sense of belonging can give you so much strength - you can do everything.

Our goal is to build a community that will provide multiple source of income to its members through different projects.

Our mission is to help each member to achieve financial independence and freedom.


Behind the GMS ecosystem there is no company, but only equal members of the community.

100% of income is distributed to the members based on their contribution to the development of the community.

Once joined, you will get a “position” in GMS community which value will grow as the eco system grows.

That value depends on the level of your personal engagement, and NOT on the time of joining or the place in the community. That is provided by simple and honest rules for work, in order to prevent abuse of the system.

We all together will add new projects to our eco system and thus new ways and opportunities for earnings within the system.

GMS Community

GMS Community is the cornerstone and the base of the whole GMS ecosystem. It is the first project that will provide members to start earning a constant, long-term passive income from day one.

  • Peer-to-peer network
  • 100% payment goes to the network
  • Opportunity for you to make a profit and become financially independent
  • Low risk (join it with 30$)
  • High potential earning
  • Fast network growth and spillover
  • Easy to understand

Is GMS Community for you? YES, if you want:

  • The constant, long term passive income
  • To work and earn online or offline
  • To get crypto without risking your own capital
  • To become financially independent
  • To have more free time for yourself and your family
  • To help others to do the same


Having in mind the recent boom of the cryptocurrency market and that a crypto coin or token can have value only if there are people who use it, why wouldn’t we, as a community, have our own token?

GMS token is the token distributed for free to GMS members - community builders

Each qualified member will get the same number of the GMS community token no matter to the time of the joining. Tokens will be distributed free of charge until the planned amount for free distribution is not shared.