What is GMS?

GMS (Global Monetary Solution) is an ecosystem and a community of equal members where everyone has the same opportunity to achieve financial independence through different parts of the ecosystem.

Why should I join GMS?

• There is a small risk (one-time membership fee 30$) • Huge potential for earnings • Multiple sources of income • Getting Crypto without investments • Passive income • Long-term project • Secure project

How to join the GMS community?

To join the GMS community, you need a referral link from someone who gave you the information about GMS.

How much money does it cost to join GMS?

30$ in BitcoinCash (BCH) or Litecoin (LTC).

Do I have to pay it every month?

No, that is just a one-time entrance fee.

What kind of information do I need to sign up?

Your email address and a BCH and LTC address

Why do I need to have BCH and LTC addresses at the moment of joining?

All the commissions are in BCH and LTC, and it is necessary to have these addresses from your wallet so you can start earning as soon as you join.

Can I make the payment from a different account from the one I use for GMS earnings?

Yes. You can use different addresses.

What payment methods are available?

Only crypto. From February 2022 to February 2023 – BCH and LTC. From February 2023. GMS tokens will be introduced as a means of payment.

Do you give refunds?

Refunds within the GMS system are not available, since all the money that you pay ends in the wallets of the end-users.

I made a payment, but nothing happened, I didn’t get my virtual back office. What can I do?

Send an email to and include the transaction ID. The GMS ecosystem administrators will check the transaction as soon as possible and reply to you in 24h.

How can I start earning from GMS?

There are multiple ways to earn from the GMS ecosystem. The first way of earning – which is a step toward the other options for making income – is to spread the word about GMS and invite people to join the GMS community. You will earn from all the people that you personally invite, from their networks and also from the spillovers. The potential for this kind of earnings is$.


The other ways of earnings will be possible as the community grows.

Who can I invite to the GMS community?

Friends, relatives, social media friends, etc. – everyone who is interested in crypto and in earning without investing.

What do I need to invite someone to join the GMS community?

Your referral link – you will find it in your virtual back office once you join the community.

Can I earn even if I don’t refer anyone?

No. To provide long-term income for all members, it is necessary to refer people to GMS. To join GMS and to start earning, you don’t need to invest, but you need to spread the word about the community and the opportunity offered. If you are not ready to do that, better don’t join.

What are my direct members?

These are GMS members that you personally invited to join the community.

What are my indirect members?

These are GMS members invited by your direct members.

What is a spillover and spillovers network?

Spillovers are GMS members who were invited by the members who are above you in the network, and who are positioned under you in the network. Spillovers network is a network made by all spillovers.

How does my network look like?

This is an example how your network could look like:


How much money I can earn from the GMS community?

That depends on your contribution to the community building. The potential for the initial earning, from community building, is more than 5.200 million $. Besides that, there are other ways of earning which will be possible if we make our community big.

I have a new personal members, but I didn’t receive 11$. What can I do?

Send an email to and include your user name and email and one of the following details: • Your member’s user name or • The transaction ID. The GMS ecosystem administrators will check the transaction as soon as possible and reply to you within 24h.

Can I have more than one account?

Yes, one person may have more than one account. When it comes to earning and free token distribution, for each of the accounts the same rules apply.

Renewal of the account?

Once joined, no need to pay any additional money from your pocket. The only thing you should do (to keep your account active and to keep earning) is to send 10% of every 200$ back to the community. That money will be distributed in the same way as your initial payment – 20 users above you will get 1$ each.

What is the free GMS community token distribution program?

A program where GMS members are rewarded for building the community by getting GMS Community Tokens for free.

How many tokens will be shared for free?

The total number of GMS community tokens that will be shared for free is 120,000,000. It will be shared in equal parts to the qualified members.

How many tokens I can get?

10,000 tokens.

How can I get the GMS token? How do get qualified for the program?

To get tokens for free it is necessary to have at least 4 personal members plus a minimum of 50 members in the direct network.

For how long tokens will be distributed for free?

As long as the total number of the tokens planned for the free distribution is not shared for free.

What’s the date of distribution?

1st of the month for the previous months’ (cumulative) activities.

Can I sell my tokens as soon as I get them?

No. Tokens will be locked until the token is not available on the external exchanges. Once the token is on the exchange, you can unlock it in the following way: